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"You were gracious and I appreciate you squeezing me in. Edie you are the best kept secret around, and its only since I got back home that I realized what that "silly" (remember how we laughed) tape meant. I can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you for being there for me and for equal treatment.
Anonymous, LA

"Thanks for helping me understand about crossing over.  I miss my dad, so glad he came through."
Rebecca, W. Bloomfield, MI   

"It still hurts, but I'm able to handle it better and 'they' were there for me, so its all good. Hope to talk to you and 'they' again soon Edie Timothy, UK

Edie, the tip about how to handle the house that came from my grampa was so  helpful. He was right, he knew the place to look and even though you didnt understand what he meant, I did.  Thank you Edie."
Samdra, LA, CA

"I moved.  Its better.  Thanks for the reading.  I will definitely come again."
Sam, Dearborn, MI

 "I think I just met that guy you told me about, wow.  Exact description of how he talks and his mouth. I never expected to have so many laughs."
Anonymous with giggles

'My favorite part was connecting with my Mom.  I loved her so much.  The way you described the area where she visits me was her favorite place to be when she lived with me.  Tears of gratitude.";
Elliot, NYC.

I've been to many readers and I have to say my New Years reading was just wonderful.  Not sure how, but you hit the nail on the head.You were right Edie. Thanks.Thanks."

"I'm glad the readings are private, hope you don't mind that I tossed out the tape. You knew I had to, thanks for the insights and you are right, my choices are going to be hard, but now I know I'm not alone. You can use this on your web site, but don't use my name ok?"

"Edie you were right we bought the house and moved just like you said, I would never believe it but its true, my husband won't even talk about it, but I think its great! Thanks."

"Dear Edie, thanks for the phone reading. After I moved I wondered if our readings would feel the same, and they did, except for no hug at the end. Its been a hard move, but you are right, its what I am supposed to be doing. Thanks for helping me see my path Edie."

"Thanks for telling me about my aunt.  I always heard the stories about her and felt her around me, but when you told me about her without me saying anything first, I felt ok about it all.  I felt so relieved that my family was telling me the truth all those years. I cried all night now I feel like a weight is gone."
Laura~Novi, MI

"Thanks for the reading. Some things I didn't understand until I got home.  When I talked to my mom she told me about my Grandfather, and I just wanted to let you know that it was him for sure that came through.  The blue ribbon was from when he was young, and he used to talk about it all the time."
Anonymous~Lincoln Park, MI

"Dear Edie, I had a reading from you last year, my mom told me about you.  When I first listened to my tape, I thought that you must have been reading for someone else, because none of it fit me.  Well, I had to write to let you know, that things you said last year, are beginning to happen, its just weird Edie, that you saw things that are just now happening. Please put this on the web page if you want to, because I feel bad that I didn't like my reading at first.  Thanks, I will be calling you this week."
M. R.~Oklahoma City, OK

"My New Year reading was very surprising, but accurate.  Thanks Edie."
Mark~Livonia, MI

"My sister gave me a gift certificate, and I really didn't want to use it, since I don't really believe in these things, but I am a believer now. My mind is definitely more open now.
Anonymous ~Los Angeles, CA

"My friend and I were blown away Edie.  Sorry about crying so much, but I felt like you knew everything. Thanks for helping me connect to my Dad."
Connie~Milford, MI

"The details you gave me about my sister put my mind at ease.  Now I know my twin is still with me, even though shes' not here physically.  Thank you so much."
Marian~S Dakota

"I was surprised how "normal" you seemed, but once things got going, I knew this was going to be a special reading for me.  You met every expectation Edie, and to be honest, I really thought twice about coming.  I am glad I did. I will make sure I come back.  Thanks also for squeezing my mom in that day, shes' really happy about her reading too."
Cindy~Canton, MI

"Thank you Edie.  I was very happy with my reading, and I wanted to say thank you for being so nice.  You helped me feel really good about hope and where things can go.  I'm really grateful."

"Hi Edie,I met you last month, and you are awesome.  Thanks for the reading.  It has given me much insight in my life. After my reading, you gave me the hope to move forward and try to live in the now.  Because I often, as you had said, I am thinking about the past or the future and have been missing a big part of my life NOW.  This was what I needed to hear, because I had been doing it for so long without realizing it.  For this important lesson, I am most grateful to you."
Mary~Westland, MI

"I would recommend Edie to anyone and everyone.  I been to a psychic before, but Edie just blew me away!  I definitely plan on seeing her for another session in the future.  When I left, I felt so much more at ease with myself and life"

"Edie, I just wanted to thank you again for our readings. We had a wonderful time! That was definitly a life changing event, and we greatly appreciate it! We will definitly come back to see you!
Thanks again,"

Anonymous~MI �

"Hi Edie
Just a quick note to thank you again for yesterday's reading. It was so enlightening to hear an objective description of xxxxxx. Also the way you described the house I'm trying to manifest was so thrilling! You're insights and advise has helped me considerably. You are truely gifted!"


"Dear Edie, it took a long time for us to connect, but I think it was exactly the right time.  Thank you for helping.  My sister and I felt your sincerity, and the things you told us my mom confirmed for us.  Thanks."
Anonymous.~California time


"Edie, its Thanksgiving day.  I don't know what to say, except thank you for squeezing me in.  You did more for me than I can ever say.  Thank you.

"A friend referred me , and I made the appointment reluctantly.  After our half hour, I felt like things were going to be ok.  Thanks. I can do this now."
Carola~Dearborn, MI"

Dear Edie , thanks for seeing me even though I didn't have an appointment.  It was real nice of you and thanks for being so honest with me.  What you said I mostly knew but I guess I needed you to help me believe it.  Now I can move on.  Thanks. I'll come back in a couple months if thats ok."
Tobias~Detroi, MI

"Thanks for the phone reading. You really said some things that I am going to have to look at.  I feel like you've known me for a long time."
Rob~, Illinois

"I got a reading as a gift from my wife, and thought it would be a funny thing to do. This sounds corny, but I left feeling safe and warm.  Thank you Edie, for doing the work that you do.  I was honestly surprised."
Allen R,~Clawson, MI

"Thanks for fitting me in at the last minute.  You were right about everything, and my girlfriend was right about you.  Next time I am bringing her with me".
Samantha L.,~ Rochester, MI

"Edie is the most incredible intuitive I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a psychic myself it is difficult for me to find a spiritual advisor that is honest & real.  Edie is very honest, real & accurate. She is now my personal advisor & I  call her often for spiritual advice. It's great to finally find someone with a true grasp of reality, tempered with kindness and respect.."
-Leslie M., Clairvoyant, Boyton Beach, FL

"Thank you  Edie.  Don't be mad about this, but you are definitely NOT an ABC Desperate Housewife!! You've been giving me spiritual advice and guidance for over three years. Your presence is calming and after visiting or speaking to you I'm always left with a peaceful feeling which surrounds me.  Your gift of guidance from our spirit guides and angels is remarkable. You have been so honest in your visions.  You have integrity and always insist that I get the most from my reading.  You are also so sincere and have guided me to listen to my intuition.  What I am receiving for myself now is far beyond what I ever imagined.  Thank you again Edie, for being there for me when I needed you, so many times."
Alison W.~MI


"When I first contacted Edie last year for a reading for fun, I had no idea how much things would change for me. Edie was able to not only tell me very specific information about my physical conditions, she was able to hit on exact life issues and give me direct practical advice.  What amazes me even more is that I never have to ask her questions, when we talk she can tell me either what I was going to ask or what I need to hear.  Her advice and predictions have been stunning and very accurate.  After talking to Edie I am always sat in amazement!    Edie has been an angel sent to me to help me on release of past issues and also a mentor to me in my own Reiki healing practice. Edie is a true gift to spirit and humanity! Love & Reiki Blessings"
Cheryl Dickinson, Reiki Master
Multi-Millie Reiki Hands

" Edie your psychic readings are the best.   I know that since I have moved back to Michigan that you've helped me more than you can know to find my own abilities. Thank you for pushing me so hard, its just exactly what I needed. You are  truly blessed with your psychic abilities.  I love to see you personally like we did this week, but my friends constantly call and ask me when you are due to come back to my house for a party, (can we do one soon???) They find your readings so incredibly accurate. Its funny that the first time I laughed and thought "No Way", but what you said did happen, I just never expected it to happen the way it did.  I still laugh over that! (remember?)   I know that  sometimes its hard to get an appointment with you,  but its well worth the wait!
Josephine S.~ MI


"Edie's kindness and loving sensitive ways are captivating. She is extremely accurate and I love to tell others about her and set up parties at my home for her. It is great fun and very rewarding. Sign up today you will be very pleased with the results."
Jane Griffith 
Skin Essentials, MI

"I was at a party at your house last week Edie, and I left feeling so healed.  I know it was spirit working with us both, to free me of burdens that I have carried for a real long time.  All I can say is thanks for being there with me. I feel really blessed."
Sylvia, Birmingham, MI

"I came with a friend to get a reading.  I really didn't expect much to be honest, but Edie , what you said to me yesterday will change my life.  Thank you for being so gentle and so honest with me.  I have a lot to think about.  I needed to get the confirmation.  You are really something special.  Thanks again."
Angie, Social Worker, Minnesota

"Edie is a very accurate clairvoyant. She will astonish you with her
accuracy and confidence. She is also an excellent medical intuitive and can clear energy blocks for you with Reiki. Her empathic and compassionate manner will touch your spirit. As a professional clairvoyant and healer myself, I highly recommend Edie to you."

-Catherine Adams, Clairvoyant Counselor, Healer and Teacher
Catherine Adams, Clairvoyant Counselor

"She is definitely the original Edie Britt. When I heard her name I laughed because I thought of that TV show "Desperate Housewives" but she is the real deal. Psychic readings have been so-so in the past, but when Edie Britt did my reading last week, I was surprised!  She was so warm and friendly and we had a crossing over connection, just like you see on those TV shows.  She is not a Desperate Housewife, but is kind, gentle, and was right on target. I am ready to send all my friends to her. She took lots of time to help me feel ok with things, and I felt like she was a trusted friend.  I will be back!!  Thanks Edie Britt!!!!!"
Jan Meyers, Oregon

"Edie is a natural healer, from a close and caring family of healers. She has special gifts she shares willingly with us, and a deep heart for humanity. Edie was able to attune empathically, and with wisdom, to me, and to counsel clear-cut remedies that, when applied, have not only made a significant difference in my life, but have brought with them the encouragement of renewed hope and health. I am grateful to her for her gifts and her caring, and would certainly recommend her services."
-MonaSpree, New England
About MonaSpree and Unearthly Insights 

"I have to thank you so much for your amazing perspective, insight and reading.  I appreciate your compassion and empathy. I hope it comes back to you 10 fold just when you need it.  You are true angel doing God's work"
-Name Withheld for privacy, CA

"Edie has guided me through some very difficult times.  She has allowed me to find the courage to heal myself and my family.  She has re-united me with family that has crossed over, with the names being exactly as they were on this earth.  Her gift is truly amazing and I continue to seek her guidance.   She told me things that were not easy to hear but were so very true and that gave me the strength I have needed to move ahead.  Edie is a gift from the heavens above."
-Jodie S, Stamford, CT

 "I had a reading with Edie yesterday and had no expectations whatsoever from the reading apart from obtaining a little guidance.  Edie came across as being a truly gentle soul and was very accurate in mentioning many aspects of my life that have already occurred. This for me was extremely good validation.  I guess when we go for a spiritual reading it's always some form of reassurance we seek.  Reassurance that our deepest dreams and thoughts will manifest in reality - this, Edie definitely did!  When the client and the psychic 'meet', what transpires between the both of them is a sacred conversation, a conversation that has already in some way been pre-determined.  The psychic reassures  to the best of her ability thus providing the seeker the peace she/he needs.  Without such guidance, life can at times seem a little daunting.  Having a reading done with Edie was exactly what I needed and I'm very glad I chose to do so.  For all those who haven't, and who want to, I would definitely recommend Edie Britt."
Many blessings"

-Amrit S, London UK'

"I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Edie/Woven Woman.
She was extremely helpful and precise in her information.
Woven made me feel comfortable throughout the reading and picked up on many things. She indeed has a true gift and used it to help me with many aspects in my life that were concerning me at the time."
Thank you Woven Woman!"

-Ammity, Melbourne, Australia

"I just want to thank you for the reading which was given to me....When I signed my name to the "request to see you list", I was just doing this for a laugh.  Well, the laugh was on me!! Getting a spiritual reading has never crossed my mind as a serious thing.  I shared the information given me to my loved ones. There were a couple of things said that I was unsure about...my loved ones filled in the blanks for me.  In other words you knew more about some things than I did.  Again thank you very much, and once more--you DO have a gift."

-Name Withheld By Request -, MI

"I was originally introduced to Edie by another very popular and accurate intuitive who I trust very much. She told me that Edie was a excellent in matters of the heart, clearing energy and healing with Reiki. I was in a terrible bind over a love affair which didn't work out because of timing. I had just suffered the terrible losses of a brother, mother and father. I had not seen the lady I loved in over a year. Edie told me the particulars and that we would re connect.
She offered me healing and told me what I would have to do to remedy the situation.
Almost as if a miracle had occurred the opportunities opened up like magic in a situation that I thought was hopeless.
I was let back into this persons life just as Edie had said. She has the uncanny ability to zero in on the situation and with tremendous accuracy. I am in the process of healing my love affair and we are on the road to re connecting. I owe a debt of gratitude to Edie whose guidance was sent from Heaven
-Mike Miller, Professional Musician, CT.

" I have gone to Edie for over five years, using her guidance for several different matters and changes in my life. She has been very matter-of-fact and has handled her gift of a "second sight" in all readings in a very loving and professional way. I have used her for home parties on several occasions and my fellow friends and co-workers have found her to be very accurate, both in the past ,present, and future. I have found this to be true also to say the least whether I have agreed or not! She will always have my heartfelt recommendation."
-Sincerely ,

Linda Wolfe, Medical Technician, MI

"Edie has awesome insight into parts of my life I would tell no one."
-Tommy A., Automotive Supervisor, MI

"She is one of the readers who can actually read me with accuracy and detail. I recommend her wholeheartedly for her talent, compassion and honesty."
-Rita B., Social Worker, Buffalo, NY

"Edie was very helpful to me. She gave me a perspective on my product line I hadn't thought of before. She gave me an idea  that is now turning a nice profit. Thanks,  you made my call a great experience and I will be calling on you again soon." 
-Bob Z., Westland , Michigan

"Edie is a fantastic seer, author and wonderfully empathic."
-Cindy Gordon, P A, North Carolina

"Edie has come to be not only a valued spiritual advisor as I travel through my own chosen path, but also the voice of encouragement, strength, and friendship."
-Denise P., Marketing Mgr., Arlington, VA

"Edie was insightful and knowledgeable into the workings of the universe and helped me tremendously in my personal life."
-Robin E., Clinical Therapist, MI

" Edie, here we are again, after six years, and I am updating my reference about you!  You never fail to dissapoint me. Thank you Edie, for  your accurate, practical insights and advice!  Your mediumship abilities never fail to astound me. You have proven again that you are an EXCELLENT reader. As usual, your insights are very helpful, and compassionate.  Edie is honest, and direct , but very gentle. Once more your predictions have been right on target! "
-Marguerite Elsbeth, Llewellyn Author of Crystal Medicine~March 2006


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