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 Just for today, do not worry.
 Just for today, do not anger.
  Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.
  Earn your living honestly.
  Show gratitude to everything.
                ~Westernized version of Reiki Precept from-Dr. Mikao Usui  

About Edie and Reiki Classes
Edie Britt is a Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and has helped many over the years.  For her it is an honor to help others who desire  healing energies or Reiki attunements.  Her healing lineage descends  from Madame Hawayo Takata, as do most Reiki Practitioners in the USA.. She has developed an Americanized Approach to Reiki. Her message is that healing energy is always available to every one of us, and her hopes are that others discover how it can help them. 

Edie incorporates American Drum Reiki   and American Reiki  together for a powerful session.  Drum Reiki lessons and sessions by request.

Edie Britt offers individual in-person sessions and remote sessions. .

For your convenience, She has allowed information from her Reiki book to be  included below, in the hopes that you may find more on how  it can help you  If you need an appointment, or need more information, click here:   Request Information

If you have an immediate need:
If you are unable to afford an individual session at this time,  Edie has set up a special Reiki Healing Grid and Prayer to assist you.  Please send an e-mail with your details to her, and be willing to offer an exchange in prayer for another individual who is in need.  You will find the E-Mail link in the menu bar to the right.

A message from Edie Britt:
"The information below is from my Reiki Level I Handbook, which I make available to all of my students.  Some of the content was originally written by my first Reiki Master, Karen Poitinger, but I have incorporated my own thoughts and work into it, as I know she would want me to.  I would also like to credit my second Reiki Master, Trish Mahajan for helping me to move forward on my path and for encouraging me to never doubt my ability to attain my goals. My wish is that this information can be used to help you find your highest good. Please note that it is copyrighted, but you may reprint it if you include my source reference.  EdieBritt/Wovenwoman.Copyright �, 1999-2006-Wovenwoman

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy, the energy that is all around us and in us. Reiki is a system of healing whose origins stem from India and then Japan. In Japanese REI means spirit, or soul and KI  means universal life force energy. The composite definition of REIKI is spiritually guided life force energy.

Reiki Balancing is a simple laying on of hands to send healing energy. It is a practice as old as instinct.  It is a natural reaction to place our hands on a wound or where there is pain, to ease the sensation. Animals do this by licking a wound for the same reason we apply touch.  This energy is called many things, but whatever name we give it, it comes from the Source. The Reiki Practitioner brings this energy through their body and sends it to the person receiving it by using their hands as a tool.  It can be experienced by the person receiving it in a variety of ways.  Some feel a radiating heat moving through their body,  some feel extreme relaxation, some may feel  cold, while others may experience a feeling of clarity. 

If  everyone Has this energy in and around us,, why bother with Reiki at all?
Everyone does have healing energy, but I help my students to see how Reiki can help by making the following comparison.  We all have a radio that is connected to universal energy and this radio is on at all times.  We carry our radio with us, and use it and its just fine the way it is.  For some of us, there comes a time when  we yearn for more than our regular radio can give us  and we seek something that something that can be more finely tuned.  Reiki is used to  fine tune the  healing energies that we already have access to, and it also fine tunes our abilities to share it with others.  This continues as we move forward on our healing path.

What can Reiki do for me?
Receiving Reiki treatments can promote relaxation, reduce stress and can release blocked energies  It can enhance spiritual enlightenment, and allow one to more easily accept growth opportunities. It calms the soul and helps to eliminate toxins and negative energies from our body at all levels. 

The energy exchanged during a  Reiki  session creates positive changes and empowers all systems of the body for optimum health. It works to bring balance to you physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  The "total you" will benefit by receiving this energy. Over time, it can enhance intuition, meditation and your personal spiritual and physical  evolution and it promotes natural healing.  

Can Reiki replace medicine?
Reiki is not intended to take the place of traditional medicine.  Both Eastern and Western healing modalities have value, and it is up to the individual , along with their health care professionals, to make choices from within with regard to their personal healing journey.  Medicines, herbs, vitamins, surgery, and other external methods of bringing about healing are very important as they serve to help stop the negative "disease" from continuing on its path.  "Healing", or the actual correction of the physical cells, the etheric spirit, or of the inner emotional difficulties, comes from a source which we all have access to every day, all the time.  This source is Divine energy.  Reiki enhances our ability to access this energy so that it flows more easily and more rapidly to where it is most needed.

What is a Reiki Practitioner or Master?
A Reiki Practitioner is a person that has received what is called an "attunement". The attunement is what makes Reiki different from other hands-on healing modalities.  An attunement is an energy exchange from a Master to student.  An attunement clears the energy channels so that the student becomes a more hollow vessel to better receive and send  healing energies. After an attunement, the student is then a better conduit for receiving and sending universal healing energy not only to themselves, but to others.  Reiki does not require years of study, and is available to all persons regardless of age or circumstances.  Reiki has an innate intelligence and can go to where most needed without intellectual direction from the practitioner. The practitioner serves as a spiritual tool to send this energy, and also benefits from within with every session given.  The healing is a two way street.

What is the difference between a Practitioner and a Master?
Reiki can be practiced at many levels, from Level I up through Master Level.   All levels are valid, one is not better than another.  A Reiki Master is a person who has received a Level I, Level II, Level III , and finally a Master attunement, and is qualified to teach.  The higher the Level, the deeper the commitment of the practitioner to follow the five Reiki precepts, (listed above) and the deeper the commitment to offer healing when possible.  At higher levels, the healing energies are more focused, much as a professional pianists' skills would be more focused than someone who plays for recreation.

Master is a common term in the East, and refers to one who teaches.  A Reiki Master is not a guru, but simply a Practitioner who has worked at and developed their level of intent and commitment to healing so that they are qualified and responsible enough to pass it on to others.  Master does not imply anything more than that.

Is Reiki some "New Age" healing technique?
Reiki is not a new healing technique.  The use of Reiki as a relaxation and stress reducing technique, as well as a tool to bring about healing at other levels is becoming widely accepted, and it is used today in hospitals or clinics. Beaumont Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, Bons Secour Hospital and the University of Michigan Hospital are just a few hospitals which  now include Reiki in their programs here in Michigan.  The blend of Eastern medicine and traditional Western medicine is becoming an acceptable path to healing in all societies.

What is the history of Reiki?
The Reiki system was born out of the experience and dedication of Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese educator. Much of what he discovered is held in secrecy, and the Western form of Usui Ryoho Reiki that I use for attunement  is descended from Madame Hawayo Takata. There are many stories and questions out today about the origin of Reiki, and who actually brought it to us. There are many questions currently about which form of Reiki is the "right form" and which is "stronger" or more Japanese or more "original".

This "original" and often dissonant Reiki material are being creatively woven together in an attempt to reconstruct the "truth" about Reiki, and it�s origins, history, teachings and practices.

Before we go further, we need to discuss a particularly Japanese concept (though perhaps it is far more universal) - referred to as tatemae. This concept has to do with maintaining a harmonious society. For us to comprehend this Japanese mind-set we need to understand that in the final analysis Japanese consciousness is not overly concerned with hard-fact reality. They seek to find a reality that everyone can agree about. A compromise, an agreed upon version of the truth, even if it�s a fantasy, is the best solution, as long as everyone consents to believe. Let us choose to believe that hard facts are not facilitating healing energies, but instead it is Universal Healing Energy. We are here today to access that energy which is inherently ours, and to refine it, concentrate it and allow it to flow within us and guide us to our highest healing good.

Mikao Usui

Mikao Usui was born August 15th, 1865 in the Gifu district in Japan. He died at age 62 on March 9th, 1926 in Fukuyama, Hiroshima. Usui was not a Christian and may not have been a Buddhist. It is thought that he may have been a spiritualist and a psychic. People who do his kind of work were called "Rei Jyutu Ka". The definition of that term is "people who have spiritual skill". It was during the time of pursuing these activities and work that he began his quest for healing and undertook an extensive study of the healing phenomena of history�s greatest spiritual leaders, including Jesus of Nazareth, and Buddha.

Mikao Usui-Sensei found the information that he sought in Sanskrit, the oldest known form of writing. What he found was a formula of how Buddha did healing. Unable to apply the formula and symbols he underwent what can be described as a vision-quest on the holy mountain of Kori-yama, where he fasted, meditated and followed the directions in the formula for twenty-one days. The symbols appeared to him on the last day, enveloped in light, and he left the mountain knowing how to heal. In 1922 he began a healing society in Tokyo, Japan and started giving treatments. Usui created the three degrees or ranks of Reiki which he called Shoden (First Teaching), Okuden (Inner Teaching) and Shinpiden (Mystery Teaching). He moved to Nakano, Tokyo in 1925 and expanded his healing center. After the discovery and development of the Usui system, he devoted himself to healing and began teaching Reiki to others. Before his transition Mikao Usui gave the Master attunement to sixteen teachers , one of whom was Chujiro Hayashi.

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Usui-Sensei passed his knowledge and skills onto his close friend and collaborator, Chujiro Hayashi. He was given the attunements for all three Reiki degrees by Usui in 1925 when Dr Hayashi was 47. This was just one year before Dr. Usui passed on.

Hayashi-Sensei went on to further develop the Usui system of healing. He opened a clinic in Tokyo and kept detailed records fo the treatments given. This information evolved into the standard hand positions and the system of three degrees (and their attunement processes) as we know them today. Prior to his death in 1941 Hayashi passed Reiki to Madame Hawayo Takata.

Hawayo Takata

Hawayo Takata was a Japanese-American widow. Takata-Sensei brought the Reiki healing modality from Japan to the west (Hawaii) in the late 1930's (she received her Master Level initiation from Hayashi-Sensei in 1938), and with the actual Reiki modality, came the story which is familiar to just about everyone who has ever attended a Takata lineage Reiki class of Usui Sensei and the origins of Reiki.

Madame Takata�s grand-daughter Phyllis Furumoto is the Western Reiki Grand Master and is still practicing today.

The one thing that practitioners agree upon is that Reiki has been with us as long as we have been here.  It is the same Universal Healing energy used by Jesus and Buddha, and other enlightened Masters.

I would recommend exploration of the various types of Reiki, and to continue to update yourself on the History of Reiki, but most of all, for you to follow your heart. Do not get caught up in the details of where, why or which form, but rather FEEL which fits you best, and know that you have made the choice that is best for your highest good.

What is a Chakra?
Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, or vortex, and it refers to each of the seven energy centers of which our consciousness, our energy system, is composed. The chakras are not physical. They are aspects of consciousness. They interact with the physical body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system. Each of the seven chakras is associated with one of the seven endocrine glands, and also with a group of nerves called a plexus. Thus, each chakra can be associated with particular parts of the body and particular functions within the body controlled by that plexus or that endocrine gland associated with that chakra. The Reiki Practitioner sends energy to the chakras of the person receiving. A practitioner allows the energy to flow to the different chakras, or energy centers, going where it is best needed for that individuals highest healing good.  Chakras are thought to be in direct relation to our endocrine system. To see a Chakra wheel, and the locations of the seven commonly used chakras along with the colors associated with them, please scroll to the bottom of the page.  For more information on Chakras, you may wish to visit the "Link" option available from the menu to the right for some choices.

Chakras are our Energy Centers

Using them...
 We can positively shift life.....

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