Classes & Rates

Appointments With Edie Britt 
Spiritual Advisor-Medium & Reiki Master

Private Individual Consultation:
Your Private Reading can be in person , via phone,
 Instant Messenger or


30 minutes                  $ 50.00        

45 minute                    $ 75.00         
60 minutes                  $100.00        

Mini Reading              $ 25.00          15 Minutes 

* Payment must be made prior to session

Group Gathering at Edie's  (groups of 4-8):
Bring your group to Edie Britt: 
Parties at Edie's:
30 Minutes                 $50.00    

Group Gathering: $100.00 Per Hour
Over 15 miles add $20   3-8 Hours. 

Complimentary Gift Certificate to be used within year included.  (not on date of gathering)
Cassette recording available, please provide your own blank tape..

The rate is as stated above. You may split the hour anyway you like.  Your guests can have 1/2 hour readings, 15 minute readings, or even 5 or 10 minutes if you like.  All fees to be collected by the Hostess.     

Sessions May Be Taped. You are free to bring a mini recorder, Android Phone or iPhone. Cassette recording available, please bring your own tape. No refunds. If you miss your appointment you will be given an opportunity to reschedule. If your reading is missed due to an Act Of God you will have up to one year to reschedule your appointment

Reiki Energy Work:
Reiki Per Session:            
Attunement Level I :             $125.00
Attunement Level II :            $150.00
Attunement  Level III :          Call for details
Attunement Master Level:     Call for details

Master Card, Visa &  Cash.  Payment due on or before date of service.

Please visit "Make A Payment" to pay for services.
*all fees effective September 8, 2008

For more information write:

Special Events:
Edie's Mini Readings at your event.

Please call 313.204.1559 or E-Mail for more information.

Charity Events:
Contact Edie for details regarding Charity Events

All appointments must be confirmed via phone or E-mail.



Classes are held in Dearborn.  
To Register for a class

Call 313.204.1559 or E-Mail

Relax the Spirit Within:
Join us!  Learn to feel the spirit within and acquire relaxation tools to relieve your everyday stresses.  This is an introductory meditation class for those who are new to meditation, those who want a refresher course, and those who want to share in meditation communion. Learn to develop and use the breath and other tools so that you can more easily connect with the source.
Wear comfortable clothing.   

Class Forming now                           Fee $25.00

Basic Intuition:
Discover your Intuitive Mind, and learn how to use it in practical everyday circumstances.  Learn fun ways to build your intuitive strengths.  Connect with other like-minded persons and enjoy discovering with your intuitive self.
Class Forming now                            Fee $25.00


To Schedule your Appointment or Gathering
 Call 313.204.1559 or 


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