About Edie Britt
Edie Britt is a natural healer, a psychic medium, a spiritual advisor and is an Ordained Minister in the Universal Life Church and the Church of Spiritual Humanism. She is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and can incorporate healing intuition into her readings. She is known for her compassion and accuracy and has a client base that is worldwide.  She is also known as Wovenwoman.

Edie Britt is known internationally, and is located in Dearborn, Michigan. She has shared her gifts of clairvoyance and healing energies with others for over twenty-seven years. It has been her full time commitment since 1999.  

Edie Britt has had the gift of sight since childhood.  In the early 70's her gifted mother encouraged her to further develop her gifts through education.  Edie studied meditation, intuition and finding the spirit within, in addition to traditional studies.  Even while working in the corporate world she continued educating herself spiritually and enjoyed sharing that part of herself with others when she could, through her readings She has been a Human Resources manager, a Recruiter and as an Admissions Representative for a business school.    

When she became a mother she left the corporate world and opened a nature based day care center, where she enjoyed working with children. She helped them to discover their natural gifts and to confirm the light within their hearts. She has a strong belief that giving is receiving and has always helped those who were in need , devoting many hours to her readings. She  was moved to share her gifts full time in 1999.  She received confirmation that she had chosen the right path after her 2nd near death experience in 2001. 

Here is a personal message from Edie Britt to you:
"We live in difficult times.  There are many shifts taking place, and it further complicates our connections with loved ones, work and spiritual issues.  I personally commit time every day to prayer and healing for all of us and send the message of light out for the highest good of all.  Your thoughts and feelings are important to me.   I will help you to feel the spirit guiding you, and will help you make choices about your relationships and other important life matters.  I have been blessed to  help many with my ability to connect with loved ones who have "crossed over".  This gift has been  enhanced and fine tuned since having had my own near death experiences. I would be honored to offer you empathic insights and to help you to connect to your true heart and spirit

Over the years I've worked to incorporate my clairvoyance  with universal healing energies.  Every single appointment is equally important to me, and I only have wishes for your  highest good.  I have been a Reiki practitioner since 1999, and a Usui Reiki Master since 2001. My hope is to honor my gifts by sharing them  with you."


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